About our products. 

EVADE is a plant-based home insect control spray that is effective on bugs while safe for use around family and pets (when used as directed). 

By harnessing the natural mechanisms within plants, EVADE's proprietary blend uses botanical oils in order to target the nervous system receptors present only in insects, not people or our furry pet friends. 

We have some good news for you. EVADE is considered an non-VOC aerosol, meaning that we pressurize our contents by air, not harmful VOC propellants that most traditional aerosols insecticides use. 

We found that aerosols work best for controlling insects, with finer misting that allows you to attack problem areas. 

Shipping, Orders, Returns

Information on receiving your EVADE sprays. 

Orders placed before 12pm EST / 9am PST (Monday-Friday) will be shipped out same day by USPS Priority mail. You can expect your order to arrive in 2-4 days depending on your area. 

We ship within the United States. We do not currently ship internationally.

Email us at, we'll get you all squared away. 

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