5 Ways We Bringin' Sexy Back to Bug Spray

5 Ways We Bringin' Sexy Back to Bug Spray

We've been using the same bug spray for decades. You know the one, with obnoxiously bright packaging to mimic the hazardous ingredients inside. The one you just can't leave on the counter and instead, stuff underneath the kitchen cabinet behind child locks or maybe even banish into the garage.  

Image from CapeCod Extension.

At EVADE, we believe that these 60's era bug spray is old school science. At EVADE, we're bringing new school, modern natural science to the home pest control industry. Here's five reasons why you should give us a go:

1. EVADE uses Better Ingredients.

Unlike other insecticide brands, EVADE uses ingredients you can trust, and can actually pronounce. EVADE's formulation harnesses the power of botanical extracts to target receptors in the nervous systems specific to insects. These receptors, called octopamine receptors, are not active in people or pets.

2. EVADE is Effective.

People often associate essential oils with ineffective, hippie science. We used third party testing to ensure EVADE's effectiveness. While we use gentle ingredients, our spray is definitely far from gentle against insects.

3. EVADE is Eco-friendly.

Our plant-based formulation is packaged in sustainable aerosols that are airpowered. Typically aerosols are pressurized by propellants that release VOC's. Since we pressurize our recyclable aerosol cans with air, EVADE does not release VOC's.

4. EVADE is Easy to Use. 

We tested hundreds of spray packaging to find the best. We found that our airpowered aerosols provided finer misting that worked great for problem areas, like that line of ants hovering around that piece of candy that you definitely told your kids to throw away.

5. EVADE is Just Plain Good-lookin'.

We made insecticides that actually look good while doing good. Our sleek design fits perfectly into modern homes and lifestyles. We wanted to make a product we weren't ashamed of owning. 


At EVADE, we believe it's high time to bring home pest control to the 21st century. With EVADE's powerful and natural formula, we can finally spray smarter.

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